How to Deal with Baby Blues

Many moms experience baby blues after pregnancy and wonder what they’re going through and how long baby blues will last. However, know that this is completely normal. Watch this video to know what is baby blues and how to deal with baby blues, so you overcome this phase in no time.

Not all new mothers experience baby blues, but 70-80% do. The time after delivery can be stressful due to the many changes that come about. The system of support available during the period immediately after pregnancy can greatly help a mother in dealing with baby blues. This video has information on how to deal with baby blues.

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This Video Covers:
00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – What are Postpartum Blues?
00:40 – What Causes Baby Blues?
00:57 – Signs & Symptoms of Baby Blues
01:11 – How Long Do Baby Blues Last?
01:22 – Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression
01:39 – How to Treat Baby Blues?
02:45 – When Should You Worry?
03:01- Takeaway

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