First Week with a Newborn Baby

Our baby is 1 week old and this time around things have been wayyyy easier than they were with Eloise. Here are some of the tips I have for caring for a newborn baby. These are the things I wish I knew when I had my first baby. I hope they are helpful for you!

I have added links to products on Amazon that may make your first week as a new mom a little easier to manage! I’m not partial to any of these brands but I’m putting things I like so even if you end up with a similar product but different brand I feel like it would still help 🙂

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Baby Products:

muslin swaddle:

Baby Clothes:
Mebie Baby (Double zipper/zips from the bottom):
The Simple Folk:…


Diapers, Wipes & Shampoo:
Hello Bello Diapers ($15 OFF):…

Car seat:
Uppa Baby Mesa:
Winter seat cover:

Nursing Spot:
Rocking Chair:
Boppy Pillow:

Place for the baby to hang out:

Baby Bed:
More affordable bassinet:

Baby Newborn Kit:

Dr. Browns:
Como Tomo:

Breast Pump:
Portable Electric Pump:
Cheaper Electric Pump:

Baby Monitor:
Owlet (Wifi camera):

Baby Bath:
Griper Water:

Ergo 360 baby carrier:
Ring Sling:

Swado swaddle:
Halo sleep sack:
Sound Machine:
Baby Toys: KiwiCo:

Check out our new store:

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Video filmed and edited by @bprins

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