10 Baby Care Skills Every New Parent Should Learn

As much as a newborn brings joy, it brings an equal amount of responsibility as well. New parents usually go through a bumpy ride when taking care of a baby, which involves issues like lack of sleep, soothing the baby, and feeding. Take, for example, changing diapers. It’s not the most complicated thing in the world: you wanna remove the soiled diaper and put a fresh clean one in its place. But there are some important things to remember.

Or maybe you think that taking a baby out of the tub is so easy? But a baby’s skin is super soft, and it can get really slippery after a bath. That’s why it’s extremely important that you be extra careful while doing that. So be ready for drastic changes in your lifestyle and remember that the first giggle of your little one makes the struggles you go through worth it. Here’s a list of things that can be beneficial for new parents

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Getting the baby to sleep 0:31
Getting yourself to sleep! 1:18
Wrapping your baby up 1:54
Holding a baby properly 3:02
Keeping an eye on the umbilical cord 3:31
Taking a slippery baby out of the tub 4:01
Changing diapers 4:41
Feeding 5:43
Baby massages 6:42
Bonding 7:12

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– Try to keep the room lit up during the day and dim the lights at night. This will help your little one understand the difference between daytime and night.
– Synching your sleep cycle with your baby’s will help you get enough rest so that you’re fresh and full of energy when you’re awake.
– Swaddling is actually really important because it makes the baby feel safe and secure. That way, they’ll feel more relaxed and will fall asleep quicker.
– When holding a baby, you must make sure that their neck is supported. You can do that by either cradling the baby in your arms or keeping one of your hands under their head. This is because a newborn’s neck muscles are too weak to hold the head up, so you kinda have to help them out with that!
– The most important thing to remember about the clamped umbilical cord (or stump) is that it should always be clean and dry. So, until the cord shrivels up and falls off, which might take two weeks or so, the baby should only be given sponge baths.
– Babies don’t need baths every single day. Otherwise, their silky soft skin can get dried out and irritated. Most doctors recommend doing it about 3 times a week until your little tyke starts moving more on their own.
– You should also be careful with the umbilical cord stump when changing diapers. Make sure the diaper doesn’t go up past the umbilical cord if it hasn’t fallen off yet. Some diapers for newborns have a cutout around the belly-button area to avoid irritation.
– Don’t assume that baby bottles always need to be warmed up like you see in the movies. And if you do decide to serve it warm, never use a microwave – it can create hotspots that you might not catch while testing it on your wrist.
– Who doesn’t like a good massage? All you have to do is lay your baby on a towel that’s placed on a comfortable surface like a bed. Always massage using a vegetable-based oil.
– Bonding will be different for everyone, but the goal is the same: to establish a strong connection between the baby and its parents. This process should start as soon as the baby’s born. All it takes in the beginning is gentle skin-to-skin touch.

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