What an Inclusive Family Looks Like: Parenting Tips from a

Watch more from Dr. Judith Joseph HERE: https://bit.ly/31FP4iK

Understand childhood mental health impacts of discrimination, racism and mental health, and what an inclusive family looks like. These are the parenting tips from a child psychiatrist you need to know.

In this interview, journalist and media personality Jason Carter, MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson, and Dr. Judith Joseph discuss…

– What are the mental health benefits for a child or teenager who grows up in a culture of inclusivity – at school, with peers, even seeing
themselves represented in the media/on TV/in leadership positions?

– How can parents manage depression and anxiety around racial issues and growing up in a system that lacks inclusivity?

– How can parents talk to their children about these mental health impacts?
– How can parents cultivate an inclusive family culture—and raise an inclusive child?

And more.

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